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Out of memory 3060ti lhr ravencoin

Hello everyone, I need help I have a problem on 4 of my 8 GPUs (3060TI FE & TI LHR Zotac). since the POS update I mine ravencoin with gminer, I haven’t had any problems. For about 2 weeks Gminer has been launched and directly we have the message “Error on GPU: Out of Memory
Stopped Mining on Gpu”. I don’t know what to try anymore. I tried to update the nvidia, gminer, hiveos drivers. I changed the OCs, I Resize filesystem to fill disk. but still the same error… I put you a picture of the error

try a fresh install of the latest stable image. judging by your driver version id imagine youre on an old kernel as well. you can do this from the rig by running hive-replace -s -y