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Out of disk space in Hiveos

Hi. I have a 120gb m.2 disk. Hiveos crashes me a message about out of disk space. Before, I gave it all the disk space with disk-expand. I also deleted the old nvidia card update files. You may know how and what to remove to be ok. I have Hiveos for several months now and I have seen that my disk space is gradually running out …

Execute and show results:

  1. fdisk -l
  2. df -h

Ok.This is what it looks like.

Have you created a swap file or mined something special?

Yes, I tried to install the drivers for the USB wifi card before, but I couldn’t.

What Hive Image are you using?
This Wi-Fi seems supported in latest Stable

Today I updated, I’m going to go down to the garage and check …

About space I guess when you try to installed driver you downloaded a bunch unuseful files

Yes and I removed them. I was in the garage by the excavator. I checked and the USB wifi card does not see.

Which linux kernel on your installation?

Ubuntu 18.4

What you have here?


reflash with latest Stable it seems contains mt76 driver for MT76xx USB Wi-Fi dongles

Ok. Haven’t seen about it. Will install tomorrow. Thank you for your help. I wish you much health.

Have you run the disk expand command? So you use all the space on the device?

you can use the helpme command to see the details :slight_smile:

I did so at the beginning. Thanks to everyone for your help. I have installed Hiveos Beta again. Everything works fine. Have a nice day.

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