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OS versions - help a noob out

I just set up my rig a few mins ago, I’m trying to understand the versions of HiveOS and which ones to use. I have 3 RX 5700 and I’m wondering if I should update the OS?

Will that be a stable version (that does not support RX 5700) or is that the latest BETA that supports rx 5700s?

Screenshot below. I still need to do BIOS updates and all that fun stuff.

The version you are using is fine.
Looks like the cards are working. You just need to do the bios mod to get the hashrate up and the power consumption down.
Good luck.

v157 is great! super stable for me.

I can’t get past the RSA Bios signature, got any suggestions?

Which specific card/s do you have?
Have you downloaded the amdvbflash program from Ivor’s lab or are you trying to flash them inside HiveOS?

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