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OS version 0.6-217@220516

After the most recent update I can’t get a 3080 lhr to work. Constantly getting GPU Driver error. I’ve tried zeroing out the overclock, working my way up the mem and core even messed with PL when I shouldn’t really have to. Been like 5 hours of trying everything I can think of and can’t get it stable. Any ideas or help would be really appreciated. Friends have 3080 lhr’s that have been working and my system isn’t any different.

Rig just started getting kicked offline once I get that gpu driver error and I have to reset it manually.

Let me know what info you need to help. Thanks!

have you tried conservative OCs? like 1100 core no mem, if that doesnt work have you ruled out all the other variables like risers/cables etc?

Yeah I’ve tried the 1100 core 0 mem. I’ll go ahead and throw in a new riser and see if that does anything. Whole rig was working fine before I updated but strange timing for things to go out happens.

Checked cables and pcie’s and it’s all fine… gonna have to pull my 3080 lhr for now. No idea why this isn’t working. If anyone else has this issue let me know, I can’t be the only one. Lol maybe I am.

try using the command “hive-replace --list” choosing the first option “1” and then updating with the command “selfupgrade”

Make sure you are on any Nvidia driver major version 510. The hive update doesn’t change your Nvidia drivers and all the new unlocks require version 510 or better to run. These new unlocks are also baked into a lot of the newest versions of the mining softwares (like t-rex and lolminer) so you’ll get them by default with a Hive update. If you’ve been running for a while, you probably are on a 470 or 495 driver version.
Do the nvidia-driver-update command to get to the most recent, then try again.

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Work harder not smarter… Something like that… lol looked right past it for who knows how long. Nvidia drivers were out of date… head → desk

Thank you JustAGuy!

Giving that a shot now. I bet that’s it

That was it. Thank you for the response! I was looking right past that since I’m on t-rex.

Greatly appreciate the responses everyone, Thank you! We’re up and running again.

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