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OS Freeze. Found card causing it. What do I do now? Can I fix it?

Went threw each card one at a time until I found the culprit causing my rig os to randomly freeze. Rig would keep running but would go offline to hiveos. Wouldnt send stuff to my wallet or anything. Now since disconnecting that gpu my rig has run 24 hours straight with no issue. Do you think I can salvage this card causing problems somehow or should I sell it for parts? I have 3 amd 4gb rx 580 and 3 8gb ones. This is one of the 4gb ones.

first check these
riser power cables
GPU power cables
for these gpus it hink u need at least 1150w power + 80% rule = 1380w power
if every thing is fine , u can sure that gpu has problem , so u may check it with some software on another pc / Temperature / fans etc
check the gpu Temperature pad if its an old gpu , changing it with a new one may fix it
re bios the gpu is one of the solutions ! be careful about this one
after all u may ask an expert to help