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Optimize mixed rig


maybe you can have a look to my 13GPU rig. It run stable without problems. Maybe you have some ideas for petter performance and a less power consumption.



Your hashrate on 1660S hynix, and 6600 XT can all be improved.

Any ideas for other config?

@liubros what coin are mining to get 179 mh with a 3070 ?

Ergo, 3060 and 3070 are mining ergo in that image

Hello, are you mining ETH with 1660S on this image , or also ERGO, like you wrote for 3060 and 3070?

Thank you!

1660S is on ETH. 1660S with hynix memory can use new vbios and get to 34-35 mh. Details in this thread 1660s Hynix 37mhs

ok I thought it was eth :stuck_out_tongue:

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