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Optimize mining rig profitability

Hi folks,

I have some GPU mining rigs running with mostly 1060’s and 1080’s cards.
The mining runs well, I’m currently doing dual mining ETH + ZIL.

I want to further optimize the rigs by creating extra income, for example, the CPU is mostly doing nothing.

  • Any ideas on what to do with the open CPU resources?
  • Is storing files for Filecoin worth a try?
  • Any other ideas on making them more profitable? (power and overclocking is already optimized)

Use your processor to mine, while your gpu’s are mining. Verus coin should be the most profitable at this time, but I can’t guarantee that, so please do your own research. If you have a lot of hard drive space, then you might consider building a rig for CHIA farming. Be warned, in order to master CHIA farming, it takes a HELL of a lot of work unless you are already work in IT and know networking, data management, programming, IT security, etc. But if you just want to farm a hard drive or 2, you should be just fine.

How did you master dual mining for Nvidia? Please share the flight sheet

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