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Only two workers but getting charged

I had two workers running added a 3rd. They started charging so i deleted 3rd worker. I am still getting charged. How do i make it free again?

Disable “Paid Features” if you have no more than 2 rigs. Under “Billing” you will find option “Paid Features”

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Under Billing “Paid Features” Hive Os says “Paid Features Enabled
These features are always enabled for paid farms.” I only have 2 rigs so how do I disable the paid features if there is no enable/disable?

Can you post a screenshot of your billing tab? Specifically the top part

does it count offline/deactivated workers?

Only for the day(s) that they are active

Mine is the same, deleted a worker or deducted fees,And there is no button to close Paid Features

You need to scroll down to “paid features”

Solved, there is also no switch button below. After waiting for a long time, the number on top changed to 2, and the button appeared

I am getting the same message. 0.10/day even thou I only have 1 rig running.