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Only SHUTDOWN and POWER ON resolve problem

After GPU hang, miner is restarted but GPU is still missing.
I try to solve problem with restart rig, but system do not see 6th GPU and one GPU is still missing.
Only SHUTDOWN and POWER ON resolve this problem.

Do anyone know why reboot do not solve this, and how to solve this? I do not wish to buy some hardware switch to solve this.


That’s a hardware issue - bad riser, PSU or cables. Try to reseat everything, if it still appears - replace the riser.

Hmm. But this is happening 3 times before and every time is another GPU.
Why all working well if I power-off - power on?

Only restart do not work correctly … and, one more thing, restart under windows is ok. So I think must be some special way how hiveos restart works.

Look this, I think this is related:

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my friend
I’m having the same problem

PSU problem

I have 3 rigs with the same configuration (mobo tb360-btc pro, cpu i5, risers v9, 8 x 3070, everything the same) except the psu

I have a rig with 4 psu thermaltek 700 that works perfectly for me and 2 rigs with the same drawback you mentioned

the rigs that have the problem have psu gigabyte p750 gm

I tried with the thermaltek sources and it was solved

same same for me … @hiveon pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase