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Online Farm & Portfolio Tuning

My name is: Milad

IF YOU WANT Help Before sent Telegram Or Whatsup Write your problem In comment
Then add my iD (mrnoise) in your hive os

I provide the following services :male_detective:

  • OC - UnderVolting - Manage Huge Farms -
    Support who dont have time or dont have technical information :pray:
  • Consulting To Make Shine Portfolio :money_mouth_face:
  • i do every Engineer can do :wink:

I’m from:
Earth - Turks Land :four_leaf_clover:

I speak: :speaking_head:
English, Turkish, Persian

I’m working only online And My services NOT Free
im accept JUST ZIL :::


Information about me: :innocent:
Born 1990
i have computer shop with advanced repaire group
i have Software bachelor
3 Year Market experiance

Please contact me on : :speech_balloon:

Whatsap +989364191214
Telegram @mrnoise

:see_no_evil:Donate 1 Bitcoin For support My Mining Project Idea or donate Just For Fun :sweat_smile:


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I want to recommend mrnoise , I allowed him on to my rig and he has transformed the performance ( Iahve both AMD and Nvidia Cards . His technical knowledge is very high and he is trustworthy as we are nervous about letting strangers onto our equipment. His English is excellent and he’s a nice guy. I want to continue working with him ,If you need help try him.

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Thank you For Trust me dear miner :four_leaf_clover:

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