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One wallet for multiple farms

Hi Community
I have 3 farms connected with one wallet, and I want to know how much money i have from each farm. Currently, i can view only the total payout from all farms. is there any way i can view the balance per farm ?

Connecting different wallets to each farm is not a solution for me.

Thank you.

Pending balance is a wallet level thing, if you want to see how much is coming from a certain farm just find the total hashrate percentage of that farm, and that’s your percentage of the pending balance that came from it.

Hi @keaton_hiveon
Thank you for your response.

I’m new in mining, can you help me with how to calculate the profit using the hash rate? I can find an online calculator but I will be happy if you can help with the correct equation.

Thank you has a decent one, there are many out there. Just search google for ethereum profit calculator