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One of therigs jams the whole network

Hello there,

I have 100 rigs running 25 per switch. Once every 24 hours one of the rigs jams the whole mining setup no rigs have internet connection until I just power off the rig that is causing this. (it can be any rig i have to find the rig that is causing this and once its off all the rigs and switches are back online.) There is no error on the rig nothing it just jams the network without any reason. Maybe anyone had the same issue and was able to solve this. I have tried to use hiveos watch dog (if a rig drops below 1 mh/s hiveos restarts the rig) with no help.

Any help is welcomed. I will try to add a script to the rigs so they will automatically restart if there is no internet connection (usually this helps to resolve the issue). but still would love to find a cause for this.

I have rigs with AMD rx580 8gb cards and some are on H110 Pro BTC+ ASRock and B250 MINING EXPERT ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. motherboards.

Thank you in advance for help if you need any more information i will provide just don’t know how to better describe this issue.

Some H110 BTC+ Pro motherboards has faulty Ethernet chip from Intel
You need to install patched driver for this shitty thing.

You can find upgrade command under /hive/opt/e1000e directory
just execute


Thanks for the very helpful instructions. Was driving me crazy!!!

Hope bumping this up helps someone else.

Many thanks

See my solution in this post

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