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One of cards fail to load drivers after restart (2060S)


I have updated hiveOS (minor update the one that shows like every 5-6 days) and after restarting rig one of installed cards fail to load drivers and is getting error as shown on picture.

Two other cards (2070 and 2060S) which are installed on that rig work fine

I have changed riser , swaped pci-e ports and changed power cables nothing helped

card is recognized in bios and by system, only driver error show up. and card shows as blank without power fan and temperature reading.


I have installed that card in extra pci-e x16 (runs @x4) slot i have in my home PC
it posts in bios and win10, but driver don’t load and if i try manually install it it crashes to blue screen.

What is strange that both in bios and in win10 card shows like it is running at x2 pci-e speed but slot is x4 full size slot and according to MB manual card should run at x4 not x2 speed.

Any thoughts if it is repairable ?

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