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One GPU in the rig dropping off in every 45 minutes


I’m having trouble with one of my cards (5700XT Pulse/Samsung, Modded Bios) these days. It starts mining having same OC settings like other Pulses in the rig but after 30-45 minutes suddenly it looses power and dropping off. No hashrate, no Power consumption or temperature datas…all goes blank.

I tried to change the riser and pcie-usb slot with new one (v.9s) nothing has changed.

I unglugged it from first PSU and plugged it to second PSU, nothing has changed.

Tried to move it to another Pci port, nothing has changed.

Anyone having an experience about how to solve this?

Hi! Possibly due to chip degradation or chip solder failure. Usually for the first time it helps to increase the consumption of VDD / MVDD in steps of 50 or 100 millivolts and / or reduce the frequency of the core and memory in steps of 50 or 100 megahertz. most likely the situation will worsen further and the problem will occur more often.

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