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One Gpu has lower hashrates than others

Hi guys, i just installed hiveos and one of my gpu’s has lower hashrates than my other gpu’s. I was on windows 10 before and they had the same hashrate. What can i do?

disconnect monitor from GPU0 and enable iGPU in BIOS if you really need monitor connected to the rig.

I don’t think that having a monitor matters. on windows it matters more if you really do stuff in there or forget chrome running, but on hiveos I have seen minimal effects on having a monitor connected. either way show full table with clocks and power usage/limits.

So it’s your assumption? Is it big problem for you test mining without monitor connected?

I will try disconnecting the monitor, didn’t have time.

So, i disconnected the monitor and nothing changed, gpu 0 still has the same hashrate.

Bios on that card is different, u might try 80W PL, see if something happens.

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Set 80w PL, and it worked, thanks!!

Happy mining.

Btw. U can try to set core clock to - 250
Might help as well :wink:

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