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One 3060Ti mine, other not, what to do?

I am new in this stuff.
I have 2 3060Ti, one is Msi, other is Gainward.
MSI works, HiveOS see all the info and it mine on Hiveon pool, but HiveOS see Gainward card, but no info and don’t mine.
New drivers, didn’t put Nvidia460, but you can see that now is 455.
Can’t understand what is a problem, I follow instruction from guide, and this happend, can you help me?
See picture.

Have a nice day!

Did you ever get an answer, I have same issue 3 3060Ti’s mine fine at 61mh, but 1 won’t mine hash, HiveOS using HiveOn pool, all details are visible, just doesn’t mine, all on same Rig. I notice community is not responding to posts lately not sure what’s going on, hope you found your answer.

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