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Onda D1800 Cuda Error (No GPU Mem available)

I was having the same issue as other users where the top 2 PCIe slots were not allowing me to mine with the cards that were installed. I updated BIOS and everything was working perfectly fine with my 570 4GB cards. I have 3 separate rigs with the same configuration and have been running 1 of them with 4 30 series cards. I recently acquired a new card and updated the BIOS so that my top 2 slots would work and after the BIOS update HiveOS cannot mine with cards higher than 4GB.

Things I have tried:
Fresh install of Hive
Driver roll back
Changed PCI speed to Gen 1 & Gen 2
Disabled CSM (Would not boot to OS after)
Removed all 30 series cards and installed 1660 Super even in the bottom 4 slots
Enabled 4G encoding

Hive can see the cards regardless of which ones are installed and shows the correct Ram size for each card but when the miner starts it fails OC and throws a red cuda error that GPU memory is not available. As far as I can tell the drivers are loading properly and I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to a BIOS setting I’m just out of options to try. Please Help!

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