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Older gpu not detected

Hi, I installed a working rig before, loving the OS!!
As i found some older HW lying around i decided to configure a second rig, maybe mining some very simple coin.

The install went well, i have my two GPU’s detected, but they don’t start mining.
When i check trough shell, i see that the cards aren’t recognised. Updating the drivers gave me the message that the latest drivers don’t support the cards.
Is there an easy way to fix this? Downgrading drivers maybe?

Hive gives me the following cards :
Geforce 9400 GT
Geforce 8800 GTS (512)
I don’t have a clear marking on what cards they are exactly,… but i could figure it out if really needed…

are you sure these cards can mine anything ? you need older drivers for sure.

Just for the fun of it :slight_smile: i’m curious :slight_smile:

How can i downgrade the drivers?

I found out how to downgrade the drivers,… but seems my kernel is too “new”

Starting services
Starting gminer, xmr-stak
Driver installation failed (1)
root@Ob10ne:/# nvidia-driver-update 340.108
Loading drivers list - 52
340.108 was not found in the list. Trying to get it from NVIDIA
WARNING: this version is incompatible with kernel 5.4

Is there a fix i could try?

downgrade the kernel also :smiley:

but ofcourse :slight_smile:
but what version to be succesfull to install the 340.108 legacy drivers ? :slight_smile:

dudeeeee , check in internet . cant know the exact version. it needs to be a version which came out after the card came out . dont know .

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