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Ohgodanethlargementpill for 1080ti configuration?

I got 1080ti 11 gb vram…
I wish to use the the ohgodanethlargementpill + oc
any suggested settings?

I use 200 Core 1200 Mem 200 PL and i never set AutoFan for these cards. Depends on your power costs as well, mine are very favorable so i can burn energy but im getting between 47 and 48 MHs with different cards. Keep in mind some cards will prefer 195PL and some 210PL, just watch each card, they seem to need to each be tweaked individually sometimes, even if youre using same model and same brand.


Much appreciated.
will try and update

What temp are you getting?
and how much the fan going crazy ?

Depending on the 1080Ti, if you have 1 fan Founders Edition, i set the fan at 65-70%
On multi fan cards usually around 50-60%, NEVER use Auto Fan, it NEVER catches up.
Some cards will just run hotter, i usually change the thermal paste and they get better.
I keep all my cards under 70 degrees C and most run around 60-65 degrees

I actually do use auto fan… thought is a good feature…
well I will replace the paste and try again.

what OC setting are you using and what is your temp and what card are you using?

I got 1080ti GALAX
I used the configuration you gave me and card temp+fan was too high
now im using this configuration in order not too get the card too high.
im getting avg of ~40 mhs

wow, thats high on the Mem and the power seems low, but if youre power is expensive then i understand that. Mine is very cheap… This is my rig that has been up for almost 2 Days.

Yeah I played with that a bit…
but when i configured the setting you gave me…
the room is getting hotter haha
need to replace paste… and to try again. (its not because of power cost)

Check this link for a setting as well. I havent tried it, but i would like to because it would save me some power.

IM in Texas so its cooler here now, i open a window in the room. If i close the door, it heats the room, if i open the door, it helps to heat the house :grin:

I tried that site and tried the setting. This is what I got. Screenshot from 2021-02-02 09-29-09

Yours looks much better
by the way how cold is in texas are we talking about?

Well, I tried both your suggestions… (after thermal paste was replaced)
this one gave me same result as the other but 3 degrees lower.
Thank m8 !

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Dude, lower your fan to 60, because your temp probably comes up to 60 and your Hash is REALLY nice with a bit lower energy cost. Well DONE :muscle: If your hash drops back to 43.92, leave it at 65, if it stays up in hash, its a bit lower cost… Its worth a little bit more energy to have 4% more hash.

Thanks alot!

Technically speaking, the P102-100 is a 1080Ti. Unfortunately the OhGodAnETHlargementPill doesn’t seem to work with this graphics card. I cannot get more than 42 MH / s from the card. Does anyone have any idea what else I should try?

Try this boys

temps may seem low but this card is on accelero iv custom heatsink and fans, plus arctic silver paste

if your getting 42MH/s
100% the OhGodAnETHlargementPill is working!!! Probably just need to do some tweaking to get it to 44ish.