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OFFLINE rig on port 41282 ONLINE rigs are not - how do I fix?

I think I found the reason one of my three rigs is showing OFFLINE and the other two are ONLINE but the solution I thought should work doesn’t.

In the rig.conf of the one that is working but HiveOS status shows that it is OFFLINE I see this URL:

#URL where hive server is

on the two that are working and HiveOS status shows shows ONLINE I see this URL:

#URL where hive server is

Notice that the ones working does not have the port address: 41282

So this is what I tried:

In Shellinabox on the OFFLINE rig I ran mc and edited rig.conf and changed:

This: HIVE_HOST_URL=“” to this: HIVE_HOST_URL=“

I then saved the changes and verified that the changes were made by viewing rig.conf which did show that it was changed.

Rebooted the system and after it was up and mining went and to the HiveOS and reloaded page. Rig still shows OFFLINE. Exited HiveOS ( and then went back to and HiveOS still says it is OFFLINE.

I then did Shellinabox on the OFFLINE rig I ran mc and viewed rig.conf and I see it reverted back to:

#URL where hive server is

So my question is how can I change HIVE_HOST_URL=“” and make it stick even if rebooting?

Only solution is reinstalling HiveOS. It then picks “” as the default.

By the way running net-test on any of my three rigs shows:

curl [FAIL]
HTTPS (SSL) connection on port 41282 failed. Please check Firewall rules or connection setup.

So there is an ongoing issue using " "

Problem was finally resolved today.

Running net-test on the rig now does not show at all.

In booting rig it still showed that it was failing to connect to

I then ran firstrun -f and used the default

Rebooting rig now has the problem solved. Rig uses the and now shows that it is ONLINE.

it seems after moving to cloudflare nondefault port 41282 is not working anymore, so it’s btter to swtich to default server url as