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OEM dell 1660 Super wont go above 7MH

I got a 1660 Super pulled from a dell desktop. I’ve tried many different combinations, but it’s stuck at 7MH.

Is the 1660S OEM rate limited somehow?


  • 0 core clock / -1004 mem
  • 1000 core clock / -1004 mem
  • -150 core / -1004 mem

Stuck at 7MH :roll_eyes:

I don’t know on the lock. Seems unlikely I would have thought. Over the last couple days there was talk of flashing Bios for 1660 supers with Hynix memory for hash rate of around 34.

I have a few of these, they’re tricky to get stable, I run with this;
Get stable 30.92MH

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