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OctoMiner Chassis Fans all over the place

Has anyone experienced any issues with the Octominer chassis fans? one case out of 11 cases randomly shows 10 fans, and randomly shows different fan speeds… I tried upgrading to the newest kernal and get the same issue.

Kernel: 5.15.0-hiveos #96

I did the Fan Controller Report in the octominer advanced settings, and get the following:

“USB error: error sending control message: Broken pipen”

I also tried recalibrating the fans… no change.

I thinking its a controller issue, but figured I would try here first.


Can you dm me a link to the worker?

Hi Keaton, I will need to set it back up, I pulled it off the rack last night to check all the connections. I can do this tonight when I am home from work.


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Got it. Can you try swapping the fan controller between this one and another? That should rule out whether it’s a hardware issue or not

Sure, I will definitely try it, but will have to do it a little later tonight. Thanks for taking a look at it.

So, I swapped the controller board, same result. Randomly changing fan speed, showing random fan speeds on dashboard, showing 4 sometimes 12 fans on dashboard. I have the speed set to 30%.

here is the url if needed… Sign in to Hiveon ID



It’s more likely a power supply issue. I had an issue with mine where it would intermittently display 12 fans when all I had was 4 fans installed. Out of the 4 PSU’s 1 was bad


You hit the nail on the head! Thank you for responding to my post. The first power dupply I swapped appears to be the issue. Gonna let it run and continue to monitor, but prior to the swap I would have 12 fans on boot up. Its also holding the fan speeds.

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