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Oc with claymore

hi all
i tried to oc with claymore. but never success. i read from somewhere, linux driver didnt support oc in linux. is it true? or what am i do wrong? please help.

Your efforts are counterproductive

what do you mean?

Using command line claymore’s miners for OC in linux counterproductive

can u help me about that. i have gigabyte GV-RX580GAMING-8GD. what value soulhd i use?

For good result you need

  1. You need to know memory vendor of your card (check it rigs panel)
  2. Find good memory timings and flash modified BIOS with it
  3. Then set parameters in AMD OC
    it’s short list

i already use one click patch from polaris bios editor. there are 2 vendors: samsung and hynix. it about 90 w per card at 27 mhs. is it possible something better than this. i use oc with CORE 1145 DPM 2 V 900 MEM 2000 MDPM 1.

27MH with Samsung memory? Looks like a joke )) 29MH at least
MEM 2000 for Samsung memory it’s nothing