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OC settings review and advice needed :)

Hi there!

Could you please review and give me your feedback about my gpu OCs? I think I could take out more MH out of my cards but I feel a little bit lost after two days of stabilizing my RIG during last 4 days… I’ve got problems mostly with 2 out of my 3060tis giving me still errors like gpu error no temps and in general destabilizing my rig every time when I’ll try to pump up core or memory settings.
Everything should be on the enclosed screenshot, if you’ll need more info please ask. oh and all of them are LHRs.

Thank you.


Up the core to 1500 on the 3060tis, no need for power limits either

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thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll do that :slight_smile: should I change it all at once? or one by one to 1500? or maybe I should do it one by one and progressively? I’m worried about gpu no temps error :smiley:

Set all, if you get any crashing or errors reduce the memory, leave core at 1500

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great! thank you. I’ll try that and write how it went :slight_smile:


I’ve configured my rig like this:

and after a few crashes and lowering memory clocks on a 2 cards everything seems ok :slight_smile: thank you and I’ll be watching how it goes…

In the mean time I’ve got two more questions:

  1. What about 3070ties? everything seems ok to you?
  2. General question about the temperatures and fan speed. Could check if it’s ok? or maybe you will advice on changing sth?


Everything looks pretty good to me.

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thanks! so I’m leaving like it is :slight_smile:

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