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OC settings for Nvidia 1080 GTX, dstm 0.6, ZEC mining


I got an ASUS B250 Mining Expert motherboard with 13 GXT 1080s running. Currently, I am using the following OC settings to mine ZEC using dstm:

MEM 650
FAN 80
PL 165

with the following dstm extra config:

If I run 12 cards I get around 565 sol/s per card on average and everything is stable. If I add the 13th card to the mix, however, I am getting errors after a few minutes of mining - either one or more cards stop mining at this stage but the rest are working OK.

My question is: Is anyone using a similar setup and found success - if so may I kindly ask you to provide any feedback around the OC settings mentioned above - am I completely off? I will try running the cards with stock settings in the meantime and gradually increase the OC to see at what stage I start hitting issues.

Thanks in advance,


Here comes the BUMP

I have 10 x Gigabyte GTX 1080 Windforce2 cards. I was running the following settings on them all :

CORE : 100
MEM : 400
FAN : 65
PL : 125

I was getting a very stable 485 sol/s with heat ranging from 62 to 68 degrees.

I’ve tried all manner of OC settings and simply cannot break around 505 sols/s. I’ve tried your settings from the start of this thread and still cannot break the 505 threshold. My power usage has obviously jumped from 1.2kw to 1.5kw, temps have jumped from around 65 to 72 and very little gain in harshrate :frowning: