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OC settings for my Rig and card

hello Hive community

hope all are doing great at their respective place in these tough times

have started with mining 2 weeks ago with 4 cards in my Right , though through research and reading on Hive community and other trusted article i have achieved to maintain the below output.

however i have few questions and concerns for which i am still trying to find answer on my own or reading

  1. i am currently using NBminer and every morning around 5 Am rig stopped or mining stopped for almost 20 mins, this is happening from last 4-5 days or when i switched in NBminer, any clue here

  2. even though i have applied the OC setting from my 1660TI micron /MSI card, but not able to go beyond 30.4 MH/s currently, people having same hardware claims 31.9 , my BIOS version is 90.16.4D.00.F3

  3. 1660 Super having Hynix and Asus model not able to go beyond 31.7, whereas people have attain 32.5 as well with normal OC settings. BIOS Ver - 90.16.4F.00.76

leads and guidance would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance,

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