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OC Settings for GRIN (cuckatoo32) with rx6800xt or rx660xt?

Hi guys… Are any of you mining GRIN (cuckatoo32) with rx6800xt or rx660xt?? I want to know what OC settings are you using and what miner. I Can’t find reference values for this GPUs on this ALGO. Thanks in advance

Grin likes lots of core and a moderate amount of memory. Once you have core and mem clocks dialed in for best hashrate lower your voltages to find the lowest values that maintains stability

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Thanks @keaton_hiveon !!


what miner are you running?
i tried bminer, with my vii. the miner diednt start.
No oc setting.
before i was on trm with r mode and mem twaeks could this be a problem?
or couldnt bminer handle 16gb GPU?
and happy mining and happy new year

Use LOLminer on AMD.

Rx 6600 and 6600xt I had core around 1700-2000. Memory you can run stock, negative, positive, didn’t seem to matter.

The 8gb cards did fine on C32. The 12gb and 16gb cards do a little better.

Nvidia 2060 12gb = 500 h/s @ 125w
Nvidia 3060 ti 8gb = 600 h/s @ 145w

To get an idea of how much 11+gb helps. The 2060 did about 36 mh/s on ethash compared to 60 mh/s on the 3060ti.

1st a 6600xt - 350ish h/s at 65ish watts
2nd a 6600 - 320ish h/s at 55ish watts
Safe undervolts nothing really aggressive. Memory probably could go much lower and not affect hashrate.

LOLminer best for AMD. Gminer best for Nvidia. All miners could probably do an update for C32 to perform better. Good luck

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Thanks you very much @tlatch52!!! I’m goin to try it a try, I have only AMD cards (rx6600xt and rx6800xt)