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OC settings for AMD RX6700 (& NVIDIA 3090)

Hello friends,

I have started GPU mining again:
8x RX6700 (KASPA)
2x RTX3090 (NEXA)

Need some of your advice with OC setting for both rigs, please.
Also can i try dual mining with any of them? What do you think?
Thanks in advance. Best regards!

Are joking?
Kaspa now mined by ASICs. Your GPU rig works just like electric heater.
Just compare that even the weakest ASIC from IceRiver model “ks0” hashing at 100 GH/s when consuming only 65W.
In numbers, this is almost 50 times higher hashrate while power consumption is about 8 times lower!
Just look to service for example WhatToMine or and find better target for your mining - for AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT and for NVIDIA RTX 3090

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Thanks HaloGenius.

I was mistaken by some what2mine websites like:

and a few others too that i found with KASPA and RX6700. Must be outdated information, for sure.

The rigs are located and powered in a rural project of ours. And we have invested big recently in solar energy.

Thanks for your advice. I will look better into it.

Best regards.