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OC Settings for 3090 TI


im new to mining and im currently using 6x RTX 3090 ti Suprim X.
I tried to overclock the gpus but i cant get a better hashrate than 127, as soon as i try to oc the cards with higher settings the system becomes unstable. I have seen that people get around 130-135 MH/s.

Tune them the same way you would any other nonlhr card.

Find the highest stable memory clock, then the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.

For 6 cards you should have 6 different memory clocks if you’re wanting the most out of each card.

Also, use trex or gminer instead, nbminer inflates the local hashrate.

I swiched it to trex, the hashrate is now on 127.5
Can you give me an example for better oc settings?

Do what I said above, find the best clocks for your card. repeat for each card individually.

What settings did you use? I have a 3090 (not ti) but can’t get more than 80 MH/s out of it no matter what I do … should be in the 120 range like my other 3090 (in another rig). I’m messing with it, but getting nowhere, any help would be appreciated, thx.

tune the oc per card, are you using locked core clocks and as much mem as is stable?