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Oc settings error

When trying to oc my rx 580s hive has been giving me error given data invalid everything was working fine until a couple days back.

post the OC settings to see whats wrong.

i guess your cards , most of them are samsung right ?
with uber mix 3.1 in polaris bios editor , your memory will run ok with 2050 or 2070.
i personally use uber mix 3.2 and 2100 mem clock.
insert also memory controller voltage 800.

My rig is running fine but a couple days back it wouldn’t let me access overclocking tab idk if hive team was updating stuff or what but I was finally able to load oc setting 2 days after but when I try changing any setting it gives me the error I’m wondering if I should delete worker and set up everything again. Everything is running ok except being able to change oc settings…

yeah thats strange because some dude that i was helping wasnt able to change OC settings also. we changed them in the OC tab but the system didnt use the settings and it was running with some random settings.

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