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OC Settings 6800 XT Flux

Does anyone have OC settings for FLUX?


Same goes here.
I mine on Nvidias and it seems to have effect on core and no memory oc does anything with it so ill tweak it to the best of my knowlage and wright it back.

I tried mining flux yesterday on my 5700xt rig with lolminer, and my rig was somewhat stable with 1350 core, 925 mem, 750 VDD, and 750 VDDCI, but I was only getting around 20-22 sol per GPU. Based on this (Flux profitability - Equihash(125,4) ⛏️ | minerstat) I should be getting around 33 sol. lolminer also seems to be far less stable than teamredminer, so I switched back to Eth after a couple hours. And I only earned .17 flux…

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Interested too, nvidia cards will perform better but nice to see what AMD can do with the 6600/6700/6800’s.

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Found AMD-5700xt to be stable at 25-27 Sol/s with these OC settings on lolminer- Core:1400 Mem:900 Undervolt:885
AMD-6800s stable @ 30-35 Sol/s with Core: 1200, Mem: 1125 & Undervolt: 800

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Right now on my 6600xt rig i am running core 1800, Vdd 770, Mem 1100 – ~23-24 sol @ 65w…still trying to improve this rate

I have a GTX 1660 super running Core 105, Mem -1004 – 33.12 sol @ 124w

sharing my flux clocks for 6800xt, 6800 and 6600 xt. Runs very stable. Most 6800xts run at 130 watts getting 59 - 63 sols.

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