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Oc Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · ASUS

i have 6 Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · ASUS that working with 25.99 mh.
how can i overclock to about 30 mh?

thanks in advanced

Sure . You need modding BIOS of your GPUs.
There many similar topics like this
Прошивка bios AMD (it’s mostly on Russian but you can try write on English too)


thank u dear
What you mean is that i should oc with software such as “polaris bios editor” first?

Polaris BIOS Editor or SRBpolaris sure

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whats this pic dear?

this oc software is on hiveos panel or another software?

This is from interface before August 2018 (Hive v1.0)

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so is there no way to oc from hive ?

There many way to go Overclocking settings
from Overview tab

------- OR -------

Dedicated Overclocking tab

etc etc

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ill see. but when i change these setting the gpu will crash. for example when i have set Memory Clock to 2100 then gpu will crash but i have seen users will set to 2200 and will work fine for them.

It’s depends from timings, memory vendor, memory quality etc etc

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  1. Download Polaris Bios Editor.
  2. Save bios from each card using HiveOS
  3. Use Polaris to modify each bios using one click memory timings.
  4. Save new modified bios
  5. Flash bios to card using HiveOS

Then try to do overclocking.

Here is my setup, I have bios modded all cards.

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thank u dear.
i will try it

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