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OC problems on hive 2.0

one of my 12gpu rig 4_1080ti+ 8_1060/3 if I overclock mem 900 for all GPU it is working ok (stat) if I put with space 1400 900 1000 1300 …1400 different for each GPU to get more hash (hynix/samsung etc.) the mining is working but CPU go High Load Evg 6.3/7.07/6.8 and dont wont to show power consumption kw …but hash is higer. any help or advice?

it is better to have less hashes and not have problems than to shorten the service life. How do you think?

I have the same problem with GTX1060 3GB, GTX160 6GB, GTX1070 8GB and some of GTX1050

There is no problem if i dont set any OC on all of my rigs. But most of the rigs high cpu load or miner crash if i set OC although the same OC settings was working on old HiveOS before HiveOS 2.0

I have 18 NVIDIA rigs. 8 of them gives error because of the OC. So I had to remove OC. Thinking about to use Windows again after HiveOS 2.0 disaster.

I have the same problem, does anybody found solution?