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OC gone wrong


I had my GTX 1080 working fine with an OC profile of 1000, 1800 & 130 hash 37.18 temp 58C until I decided to go thru all of the OC profiles. The second OC messed up my card and now I can’t get it working again. I think its a driver conflict because the errors say X server isn’t running, BUT I but the card into maintenance mode and installed 460.73.1 and am still getting the X server isn’t running error no OC will be applied and a black screen booting up instead of the miner. I previously also tried installing what I had before 460.67, but still got same X server error.

My card works in Windows fine so it’s not something with the card BIOS or anything like that. Its just when I boot into Hive OS after a failed OC profile. I’ve also taken out the core mem & PL values for now just to be safe.

Do I have to keep my hive OS & wallet config files and re-image the USB stick? Can I just delete the GTX 2070 work and set up a new one?


Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, I think the of you about flash hiveos first of all.

Yes, that did it. Something got corrupted with the Nvidia drivers even after going into maintenance mode and re-installing them.

A complete wipe and re-install of Hive OS fixed it.


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