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OC error messages with RX 5700 XT bios not modded


I bought 2 RX 5700 XT cards (XFX Thicc 3 and Sapphire Nitro+). Bios not moded.

When I try to apply changes on the settings of the cards, I got following messages:
/hive/sbin/ line 82: echo: write error: Invalid argument
/hive/sbin/ line 77: echo: write error: Invalid argument

Settings are as following:

Once changes applied, the cards stuck and the only choice is to reboot the rig.

At the restart the settings are applied and the cards working fine.

Playing with settings means each time loosing time restarting the rig :frowning:

Can someone help ?

noone ? :frowning:

I have the same Issue :confused: !

Anyone can help me? It doesnt have Bios modding and its working 20 mins but after it has this error and I have to restart the rig.

I got same problem, answer from the support:
“Try to stop the miner first, then apply overclocking and start again. It looks like we also found this error and now the developers are deciding how to fix it.”

This workaround works, unfortunately you have to stop the miner but at least the rig doesn’t get stuck.

same here, lets hope they fix it

Hi all, guys!

You need to flash the cards with the proper BIOS. If you dint want to do it - you need to set the proper OC. DPM does not necessary for these cards.

Only vdd/vddci/mvdd.

See the screen: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I am having the same and similar problems. I have 4 same gpus, been working fine for many months mining ETH. Suddenly started seeing random invalid shares on any of the 4 gpus, increasingly high numbers. Then the rig went offline. I physically reboot and it stays online for 3 to 5 mins and goes offline again. I just noticed that I am on hiveOS version from 06-203@210403 besides updating to latest version, is there any other knowledge of what could cause this? Anyone?