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OC/Downvolt not working

Hi to all,
I was just wondering is it just me having issues with downvolting AMD cards? I can not get them under 80-90W, even with 850mV and DPM 2. It is normally done in WIndows and other mining OSs, usually GPUs work arround 70-75W.

What is your GPUs
Memory Brand?

because AMD cards depends on these
also note that AMD drivers on Linux have so many issues and not as efficient as Windows

Well, in the case I was experimenting, the GPUs were all XFX, 580 with 8Gb, Samsung and Elpida. I think I have tried with other GPUs on different rig, as I remember on rig with various Sapphire and Gigabyte GPUs. The same situation, more W even than SimpleMining OS, like +5-10 W per GPU.
I asked this in order to learn if there is a proven way to do the downvolting.
Will do more tests when I get some free time. Until than, SMOS is my primary mining OS, beside WIndows.

I have those cards and running them at 725 - 750 core voltage and MDPM 1. Those settings makes them pretty “cool”