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OC delay not working in version [email protected]

Hey guys,

I have been using hiveos version [email protected] for a 7x1660S rig since the start of the year without serious issues. Yesterday I upgraded to the latest stable version ([email protected]) and some problems occured.

I have set up my OC to be delayed for 90 seconds, and in previous version, after booting, a message was shown which indicated: 7 Nvidia cards, Sleeping 90 seconds. During this period, miner would start (with a 20 second delay) and DAGs would be generated. After the 90 seconds passed, OC was applied and system ran OK. After upgrade, the initial message (Sleeping…) is not shown and instead it the OC is applied instantly, which causes system freeze.
If I disable the startup OC, it runs fine, but when I apply the OC via the Hive web interface, the delay is not executed and in the OC log, at the final line this message appears: " Use nvidia-oc delay to apply OC with delay (300 secs)".
It doesn’t matter if I set my OC as default config or algorithm specific, the web interface delay is not working any way.
I reverted to the previous version and it has been working OK since.

Any suggestion or tips?

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