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Nvtool for Windows

Hi community

Is there a clone of Linux nvtool for Windows ?
I d’ont want to use any afterburner or GUI like app, would prefer do all my things command llike

I am using miniZ with Pascal GPU that don’t allow to set GPU clock (SM 7 required, Pascal are 6.2)


Can miniz not control oc in windows? Or just because your gpu is too old?

You should be able to use nvidia-smi, but not sure if it would support everything on older hardware

I did install nvidia-smi
Now i have to master it, there so much options
miniZ can only control CPU/MEM clocs set if SM >7, by the mine are 6.2

nvtool exists only for Hive, written hivers for Hive
nvidia-smi tool from standard Nvidia package but it not allowed some things, e.g. for Pascal GPUs or get mem temp for GPUs with GDDR6X memory.