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Nvtool error

Hello all,

i am getting nvtool error on my nvidia rig mix cards 3070 3060ti



Any suggestions


Because you upgraded the driver without upgrading nvtool. Run apt-get upgrade, or downgrade back to the driver that comes with the stable image.


Keaton, do you know if drivers 520.56.06 work well with nvtool 1.7.4 ?
If yes, then possibly you could release a HiveOS update with nvtool 1.7.4 then we would be able to use these drivers without issues.

1.7.6 works aside from autofan I believe. If you want to manually update you’re welcome to.

Is there a version 1.7.6 too? I only have 1.7.4 (as part of a miner repo). Autofan is a big feature of HiveOS, I wouldn’t live without it. So, sticking with 510 drivers for now.
Do you know if the team is working towards supporting the new drivers?

Did you run apt-get upgrade?

apt-get upgrade downloads an older version (1.6.3). Tried just now:

Nevermind, I ran it again and now nvtool -v shows 1.7.6 :+1: