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Nvtool error (build 0.6-218@220615)

Since yesterday update I have an nvtool error when rig is starting, here’s the log:

0;Success;00000000:04:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-4eec5ca6-6243-e6e4-7278-d859b17ac722;0;
0;Success;00000000:05:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-d3878927-3ef5-f528-4dcb-807013779e7e;0;
0;Success;00000000:07:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-0d30409c-6a57-6e88-fbbb-5aa9b3c9729a;0;
0;Success;00000000:08:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-3ae69941-4125-d914-eb4e-39bf6bf93736;0;
0;Success;00000000:09:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-b9911256-1b86-a4ba-a814-2391dcb7ed92;0;
0;Success;00000000:0A:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-3e90d91c-86aa-7288-9754-615b810d3ef0;0;
0;Success;00000000:0B:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-0ec0d36f-7213-54cf-7033-c40fc02ee5d1;0;
0;Success;00000000:0C:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A4000;;16376;259;16116;140.0;100.0;140.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-fd261f5e-cd7c-ca17-a19b-664c7d919fdf;0;
0;Success;00000000:0D:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-67d859bb-b3ef-ed7f-b616-ee219c9648db;0;
0;Success;00000000:0E:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-a7d1b37f-26d0-a035-ffa9-2df32c493ca5;0;
0;Success;00000000:0F:00.0;NVIDIA RTX A2000;94.06.2C.00.0B;6138;198;5939;70.0;10.0;70.0;0;Samsung GDDR6;GPU-e0dbc45c-bf78-7176-5baf-3fafdb1361dd;0;

What kernel are you on? What cards and clocks? Did you try a fresh install of the latest image?

NVIDIA RTX A4000 + RTX A2000, I have “Force P0 state” and “Reduced idle power compsumpion” checked, OC had been stable since 3 months or so. I saw temperatures skyrocketing when it started mining (NBminer) , like +20 C, so I tried to downgrade. No luck, all GPUS were dead so I was forced to re-image the rig with latest stable. Not sure if it’s a compatibility issue with 515.x drivers and new Nvtool because I did not reinstall the new build yet, they are way faster than any 510.x so I have been using them since they were realized. Memory temps are not available but it’s a small issue, I get 7.3 shares per minute compared to 6.8 of any 510.x build (same hardware) so I’ll install the new build again with the fresh image very soon

Id stick with the 510.60.02 or 510.68.02 drivers for now. Seems to be what the most of the most of miner software reccomends.

yeah I know, I’m actually running 510.68.02 with no issue after re-imaging, when i downgraded I had 11 GPUs maked with a malfunction problem. If 515.x were the cause of the malfunction I’ll reproduce the issue, I will try again and report

I managed to reproduce the bug: 515.x are not compatible with nvtool 1.6.6. It’s quite dangerous for hardware because it messes up with OC and core temperatures suddenly rise. Probably 515.x branch contains major changes not jet supported.

No problems with previous nvtool version, working good with 515.x so bug was introduced in the latest 1.6.6

Yeah don’t use 515.xx. Nowhere should be recommending those drivers for mining.

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