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Nvtool (123)

Hello everyone , i got my self a Brand-new RTX 3060TI Gainward

after i put it on my rig i get Error nvtool 123 and my rtx get detected as GA103geforce 3060ti
the nvtool it self

so the solution i tried goes as follow .
i replaced riser with all the cables
put it in a different rig
put it instead of my RTX 3070 (that is detected)
put it all alone in a rig
any idea ?
PS. the card work perfectly fine on gaming PC

Does the card work?

yes . work perfectly fine on normal pc

Does it show properly on the normal pc that it works on if you boot it on hive?


and if you run hive on that pc that the gpu works correctly on. does it show properly in hive?

i mean’t it work fine doing normal pc things like gaming . gonna try to run hiveos on this pc and report back

No it dosent work on my pc as well

Flash the latest stable image and try again. You’re using a very old hive image.

i upgraded to the lateset patch
and put it together with my RTX 3070 alone at the same rig

you are still using a beta hiveos image from last year.

i flashed the stable version and now its working , thank you so much good sir . you are my hero

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no problem! glad to hear you got it working :slightly_smiling_face:

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