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Nvtool 1.5.0 Segmentation fault after 0.6-205@210715 upgrade

After update today when running nvidia-info I get a segmentation fault :

Anyone else seen this, and how to fix ?


More details needed …

  • Linux kernel
  • Nvidia driver version

Linux Kernel is 5.4.0-hiveos #108
Nvidia driver 460.67

I reverted back to 0.6-204@210715 and it works again

I’ve noticed the same problem.
When trying to run nvidia-info under the desktop GUI, it will have this error like the snapshot.
I thought all my Nvidia cards are dead.
However if try to run nvidia-info via shell/shellinabox, it works fine.

Also when the system boots it reports many nvtool error (139)

This seems to cause very high system load at the time of beginning and sometimes nvidia-OC failed.

hive os version 0.6-205@210715
Driver version N460.67

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