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Nvidia RTX 3080 2 ATX PSU + Server PSU with Server PSU connected GPU not recognized

Alright so i have 2 atx power supplys and a server power supply, i also have an adapter that powers on both atx power supply and im using a 4 mini pin to a molex connector with a molex connector running from my main psu to power on the server power supply at the same time as both atx power supplies, but the issue with the server power supply it works but i have the server power supply that are powering on 3 gpu cards, the fans spin on the gpu and all but the LED lights on them don’t turn on and hiveos is not detecting them, i tried different risers and its the same, not sure what’s going on here’s a pic so you guys can see what im talking about, any help i would really appreciate it thanks.

it only happens with the server power supply because i connected them to the atx power supply and they light up but with the server power supply it doesn’t detect them weird, but the fans are spinning so its getting power, but not sure why its not detecting them.

So i it works now, i had to power on the server power supply first and wait 10 seconds and then power up the main power supply and now all gpu’s are detected. :slight_smile:

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