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Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti Error watt and fan% not shown not mining

Hi guys recently I have problem with one of my rig consist of 6x RTX 3060 Ti
one of my card are not able to mine.

Current condition:

  1. GPU #5 watt not showing, when I check with nvidia-smi, it throws error on that card
  2. I don’t know why but on idle, all other card fans are off which is correct behaviour because I didn’t set any values on fan%. But this GPU #5 fans are spinning and it looks like it being used(state: P0) I try to see what process and didn’t find anything.

What I have done:

  1. Reinstall Clean Hiveos Image
  2. Change riser and usb
  3. Clear all OC Values and flight sheet.

Any help or thought guys? Is my gpu dead?
Thanks before

Don’t run them with no oc, leave the locked core clock at the very least. Typically the driver will crash and show 0% fan speed from poor oc, or faulty riser/cables etc. move parts around to troubleshoot and see what part the issue follows

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. The problem is that I cannot set OC for that particular one card. Setting OC will always fail. I did already move around pci slot / riser / usb cable. Still the issue persist for that same card.

Usually when settings OC too high, the miner will still able to run but after sometime give 0% fan and half hashrate. Reboot will bring back normal speed or reduce oc will make it more stable long run.
But this one behaves differently, reboot will still give 0% fan even when miner not started yet, heck I cannot even start any miner if I include this card :frowning:

Have you tested that card by itself? Does it have a working display output? Always leave the locked core clock setting applied when troubleshooting, the memory clock is what will be crashing it if anything.

Hi thanks for your reply. I test the card on my personal computer and it give no display. confirm the card broken. I have sent it to rma, the problem is not closed

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