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Nvidia RTX 2080 Fan Control Problem

I have two Nvidia RTX 2080 GPUs on X16R. I am having issues with the fan on the second GPU. I have both fans set to 100% but the fans won’t run on the second GPU. They are both accepting power limit overclocking and If I swap the cables in the PCIe slots around the second GPU fan works but then the first doesn’t. It appears whatever GPU is listed as GPU 0 in HiveOS works and GPU 1 (2nd GPU) doesn’t.

I am running the latest Nvidia driver version 410.66 which I am starting to think might be the problem. I was using driver version 390.59 but there was no support for the RTX 2080 so I updated to the latest.


Create ticket by email to HiveOS support [email protected]

Was this resolved? I have the exact problem, but with 2 RTX 2070s, driver 418.43.

Unfortunately not :frowning: I have 2 ASUS RTX 2080 DUAL OC and fan control only works with 1 of them, so I had set no fan control to get both working. I have to run that a little hotter than I’d like. They are both running around 60-62 degrees.

I take it this issue hasn`t been resolved yet with Hive OS, I have 2 MSI gaming trio 2080TI and Hive will only control one of the fans on one of the 2080 ti when there is 3 fans on each GPU, the other GPU will mine and heat up and shut down and the have swapped everything and the problem follows the fan settings in the overclocking section on hive.

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just a update guys I have used simplemining OS before, and guess what…with that software you can control the fan speed on the 2080ti, I have 2 MSI gaming Trio 2080TI and the over clock and fan speed control works fine on SMOS… so thats what Im using, Id rather pay dollar month for my rig and be able to keep the GPUs cooler with control over the fans, this BS I was told from HIVEOS support said it has something to do with the Nvadia drivers, well if SMOS can do it why can`t HIVE do it?

Can’t find RTX 20xx cards here