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Nvidia Quadro K6000

Hi guys,

I have this nvidia quadro card, but it doesnt seem to be working with Hive OS. Is it possible to double check if this card is supported, and if not how could I install drivers for it?. I am using ccminer.


BTW I’ve emailed support, and got a message from the Zammad. But I as a first time login I am unable to rescue o reset the password. The email for resetting just doesn’t arrive.

PM me your email for check

K6000 it’s specific PRO card so it’s difficult to say immediately - support this card by linux drivers or not.
Technically, I see no reason why it does not work, but actually finding a linux driver for this card on the Nvidia site is not a trivial task.

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Thanks @HaloGenius !

When I go into HiveOS nvidia-settings all seems fine. The card seems to be recognised there.

However in my control panel of hiveos, the card shows but in orange. Could this be something to do with ccminer? Or should already appear green regardless?

This is how my card looks on the hive dashboard


That’s interesting … needs to explore (yellow text color at dashboard says that it’s not supported device but overall seems looks fine).

How much is this video card? What is the profit on windiws?