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Nvidia quadro k1200 overclock?

hi, im new ussing crypto mining and just got this card and start learning
how do i improve it, my hash rate its 617.4kh/s

those cards arent good for mining, probably not even worth using to be honest. but try tuning it the same way you would any other card, maximize the memory and lower the core clock to as low as possible that still maintains max hashrate.

thankyou i will try, its my first start
in fact i just got a rtx 2060 but i havent installet, i need a to put a power whit the 12 conector for the grafic and the conector to the cpu,
the power that its intalled on the cpu doest not have the conector for the grapics

What is the OC settings given to k1200?

K1200 GPU is working with follwoing Algo and OC.
However the revinue is very less. you can try with useless cards.

Hi thank you for answering
Can you put the screen capture of how you over clock the km1200 please

I have 3 cards connected into a mobo 01tkcc dell in optiplex 380 small factor

I upload the bios to the lates version I can get

I have upload the photos screen

The other two Cards I atach I don’t know the memory capacity or the brand
They are whit out serial stikers as they are really old

Y have get an rtx 2060 but it not seem in the system

The light goes on but not video signal or Hiveos shows
If I conect to x16 by a 1to 4 or 1 riser it’s make the same not signal video and don’t show and the fans goes off after few seconds
If I conect to 1 riser in the pci the fans goes normal but not video or other
Can you know if I can get it work ? In this pc
Also can you help me whit my system
I’m trying to learn but not entoguht learning

It’s make diferent, the card fans works

Thanks in advance

I have just try like this

Errors appears

Also I read something about “–4g-alloc-size”

But I don’t know how to out it, or where ??