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NVIDIA Quadro 4000 (Not RTX)

Hello, I am new to Mining and Wanted to Know if this card “NVIDIA Quadro 4000” is good for mining, I already have a a RTX 3060 Mining (Which has Problems of its own), and wanted to expand. I Found they are about $30 (USD) on Ebay, But I can not find anything on the hashrate or efficiency. If anyone would be willing to help, that would be amazing! If This Helps, these are my computer specs.

(Also I am 13 and this was my first computer build, so it is probably not the most efficient… and crashes alot)

GPU: Dell NVIDIA Quadro 4000 2GB GDDR5 Video Graphics Card 038XNM | eBay

Sorry if this bothered Anyone!

2gb vram is going to be very limiting on what you can mine. Nothing worth your time or electric.

Ok, Thank You for the Information! Do you recomend a Good Cheaper card to go along with my 3060?

Are you familiar with ? Really all depends on your local used market what you can find for what price. For new, 3060 are hard to beat.

I Will Check that Out! The reason I am looking for another card is my 3060 Is making about 60 cents a day.

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