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Nvidia P106-100 Not working with 5 other cards

Hive miner is setup with 6 cards ( 2x3070ti’s, 1 x 3080, 1x3060ti, 1x2070s ). I removed a 1070 out and replaced it with a P106-100 until my new 3060ti arrives. I thought everything would work but alas nothing ever works as it should. The P106-100 isn’t being detected fully. The P106-100 is known good. It came from another miner and worked fine. The riser was working with the 1070 without issue. The symptom: The P106-100 is recognized by the system. It loads the nvidia module. However, nvtool and nvidia-oc don’t see it. Hive-console lists it but as ‘yellow’ and with no temps. Here’s the kicker: It will work perfectly and will hash as long as everything else is hanging off of a PCIE hub ( 4x ). At that point it comes up green in hive-console. OC Settings are easily applied, etc. I’ve tried re-arranging the cards, but no difference. If anything other than the card and pcie hub is plugged into a PCIE slot then it fails to load the P106-100. I’ve tried re-arranging PCIe layouts and re-installing various levels of nvidia driver but after 7 hours I decided to call it and reach out for help.

Are you using just one PSU?
Have you tried just the P106-100 by itself and then adding back in the others one by one?

Dual psu system. Yup I’ve tried testing it alone and adding back. Everything works fine as long as it’s the only thing on the motherboard itself. If there’s any other card sitting in a pcie slot then something fails to load. I see it in l spci. I see it in the hive console but none of the nvidia stuff sees it. If I remove it and put in a 1070 everything is fine and all 6 cards fully function.

Tried slots. Tried changing power supplies. It seems like something with pcie communications and driver.

Are you using adapter for dual psu similar to link below?

Yup. Both psu’s are powering up and all cards power up. Risers and cards are always on same psu. Right now 3080 and 3060ti is on the one that powers this card and / or the 1070.

I can’t really think of anything else to help you troubleshoot, sorry. Hopefully someone else with better suggestions will comment.

Thanks for the responses. I may just add the p106 to a another system while i wait. It’s only 25mh but trying to get as much as possible before London.

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