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NVIDIA OC parameters does not work


I’ve used OC for a long time and it has worked adjusting OC for both my 1060 and 1050 card.
the very old GTX 950 was only applying fan speed and power limit, but not any core or memory timings.
I could live with that, using the Nvidia gui powermizer to adjust the core and memory for that card.

All of this stopped working when i got new drivers with re-image, from 418.56 and upwards.

The error message is “error assigning value…” and the powermizer GUI does not have any editable core and memory anymore…
What to do?

Skjermdeling-bilde 2. juli 2019 kl. 19.27.40 CEST

i got the same probs, i must apply the oc for my nvidia card on my mixed rig after the startup of my miner if not the oc wan’t work for nvidia.

I have the same problem now in 2021… seems no one is there in HiveOS for us… :frowning: